Heinz Peter Knes

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Gesture Studies

"The gestation for this work began in 2018 as Knes started collecting gestural forms from his past portraiture work, going to great lengths to compile and count each occurrence, and finally honing in on nine gestures that possessed the appropriate performative features for this new project. These comprise arching one’s back, expressing one’s hand, to lay one’s head, gait, showing one’s knee, feeling one’s pulse, laying one’s body, rotating on oneself, and moving things from one bag to another.

He set out working with over fifty amateur models over the course of three years
and asked them to perform for the camera these nine gestures. Throughout the photographic sessions models were asked to perform in the moment, bringing to consciousness what one would ordinarily do unconsciously. A desire to capture a body in the midst of discovering its own command or lack of agency pervades the work." (Press release, Duane Thomas Gallery)