Heinz Peter Knes

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ein Riemenscheiderfilm

”Contrary to his historical reputation as an artist whose work looks inward, at the moment in question Tilman Riemenschneider decided to demand the rights of insurgent farmers. So he saw the right to freedom in relations that were outside, in what we now call the public. "

Tilman Riemenschneider (approx. 1460 - 1531) was a late Gothic image carver. At the time of his work as a councilor of the city of Würzburg, the peasant uprisings occurred. They were directed against the privileges of the authorities and the clergy. Riemenschneider showed solidarity with the demands of the poor. The uprising was brutally put down, the artist was detained and likely tortured, and his career was effectively ended.

In the reception of the artists work there is a misunderstanding of terms. Inwardness becomes something other than society, as if introspection and the political are not reconcilable approaches. The artists work is separated from his actions.

Inside and outside are in permanent negotiation. A film can be an intermediary.

Heinz Peter Knes, Kristin Loschert

David Meyer

Marta Leite, Jack Wolf

23:55 min